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V-Safe® Gate Valve Lockout

For 15cm to 16.5cm Dia. Valve Handles, 1 each
Clamshell-style lockout secures and colour-codes gate valves for safety.  Read More

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Description & Specifications

Clamshell-style lockout secures and colour-codes gate valves for safety.
  • Rugged polypropylene resists chemicals, cracking, abrasion and temperature changes
  • Available in standard ANSI pipe colours: red for fire protection materials, yellow for hazardous gases or liquids
  • If not using ANSI colour coding, you can use red to indicate that a valve is locked in closed position
  • Fully dielectric light-weight design is easy to handle and apply
  • Ideal for maintenance and repair work
  • This simple lockout/tagout solution will help your facility meet life-saving regulations
Use With 15cm to 16.5cm Dia. Valve Handles
Temperature Limit -46°C (-50°F) to 183°C (360°F)
Sold as 1 each
Weight .26 kg
Composition Polypropylene


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Additional Information

  • The Provision and Use of Work Regulations 1998, Regulation 22
    Every employer shall take appropriate measures to ensure that work equipment is so constructed or adapted that, so far as is reasonably practicable, maintenance operations which involve a risk to health or safety can be carried out while the work equipment is shut down.