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PIG® Essentials Oil-Only Absorbent Boom

20cm x 3m, Absorbs up to 144 L per bag, 4 booms
As Low As £139.18 (Ex. VAT)
Control oil spills on land or water with PIG Essentials Booms.  Read More

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Description & Specifications

Control oil spills on land or water with PIG Essentials Booms.
  • Works in all conditions to absorb oil spills on land or water
  • Floats to confine and soak up oil spills on water even when saturated; hugs the ground for land-based spills
  • Strong mesh outer sleeve encases a poly sock skin filled with highly-sorbent pulp; filler won't shed and Booms won't sink, even when saturated with oil
  • Rope running along length of boom adds strength for deployment and retrieval
  • Durable, easy-to-use connectors provide a simple and efficient way to link Booms together and create a containment system big enough to handle almost any size spill on water
  • Absorbs and retains oils and oil-based liquids - including lubricants and fuels - without taking in a drop of water
  • Bright white colour makes booms easier to see in outdoor environments and clearly shows saturation level
  • When sea-weather condition is wind speed >5 knots & a (perpendicular) water-current speed >2 knots, this can cause oil absorbent booms to submerge, allowing oil to pass over them
  • Waves higher than freeboard (above water) portion of boom will push oil over absorbent booms; optimal sea-weather condition for usage is typically Beafort Scale #2 or less
Colour White Sleeve; White Speckled Filler
Dimensions ext. dia. 20cm x 3m L
Fluids Absorbed Oil-Based Liquids But Not Water
Recycled Content 100% Post-Industrial Recycled Poly Blend Filler
Absorbency Up to 144 L per bag
Sold as 4 booms per bag
Weight 14.51 kg
# per Pallet 9
Composition Polypropylene Sleeve;
Poly Blend Filler;
Polyester Netting;
Plated Steel Rings & Clips


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