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PIG® Drive-Over DrainBlocker® Drain Cover

For Square Drains up to 30cm, 1 each
As Low As £388.55 (Ex. VAT)
The toughest drain cover you can buy is the only one that can handle drive-overs - even from heavy tankers. Go ahead and drive over it!  Read More

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Description & Specifications

The toughest drain cover you can buy is the only one that can handle drive-overs - even from heavy tankers. Go ahead and drive over it!
  • Confidently block drains from spills and water with this outdoor drain cover's super-sealing bottom layer that conforms perfectly for a tight seal, while the HogHyde® rubber top layer withstands years and years of repeated heavy vehicle traffic
  • Trust this drive-over drain cover—the proven-toughest on the market—to resist everything from punctures, stretching and tearing to prolonged exposure to weather, UV/IR light and oils like diesel fuel and petrol, plus many chemicals
  • Use it how you need it, either leaving it down as a preventive measure in leak- and spill-prone areas or storing it for emergency spill response
  • Ideal for long-term drain protection where liquid transfers, washdowns or other leak- and spill-prone jobs are common
  • Maintain a professional look for longer since this drive-over drain cover is designed to wipe clean and get back on the job
  • Includes a nylon storage bag for easy transportation and fast spill response
Use With Square Drains up to 30cm
Style Drive-over
Colour Grey
Dimensions 91cm W x 91cm L x 1cm H
Intended For Use on Smooth Surface
Max liquid temp exposure Max Exposure Limit 107°C (225°F) for up to 30 Minutes
Storage Temp Range Store from -18°C (0°F) to 49°C (120°F)
Temperature Limit Works from -18°C (0°F) to 71°C (160°F) up to 12 months
Sold as 1 each
Weight 10 kg
New Pig Patent 8,117,686
# per Pallet 77
Composition Top - Co-Polymer Geomembrane; Bottom - Polyurethane

1 - PIG® Drive-Over DrainBlocker® Drain Cover

1 - Nylon Storage Bag

UV Resistant UV Resistant

Optional Accessories for PLR903


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Additional Information

  • Urethane Use, Care and Storage
  • Environmental Protection Act 1990
    To ensure that any potential polluting process has an authorisation from either the Environment Agency or Local Authority and that control measures are in place to prevent, minimise or render harmless emissions into the surrounding environment. 
  • Water Resources Act 1991
    This act regulates the activities of the Environment Agency. The Agency is obliged to prevent pollution of a watercourse or groundwater by issuing consents to make discharges to watercourses. To pollute a watercourse is a criminal offence, and offending individuals and companies can be prosecuted.


Urethane Notice

Due to the nature of softer urethane, the physical properties of these products may change over time with exposure to certain environmental conditions like temperature, humidity and UV radiation. Typical life expectancy is 5 years. Please inspect the stored product regularly to ensure it is in a usable state. For more details and for chemical compatibility, please call Technical Services.