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Microfibre Doormat

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60cm x 90cm
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A washable Microfibre Doormat with super absorbency.  Read More

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Description & Specifications

A washable Microfibre Doormat with super absorbency.
  • Suitable for heavy foot traffic areas, for loose lay placement indoors
  • Exceptional multi-action entrance mat using hygienic Microfibre technology
  • Superior 'brushing and wiping' with 'rapid dry' properties – even outperforms cotton and absorbs up to 15 times its weight in water
  • Flexible, ultra-fine fibres (even finer than a human hair) provide deep-cleaning action on passing footwear
  • Effectively penetrates those hard to reach treads on footwear and wheeled trollies
  • Friction from the fibres generates a static charge that attracts and traps dust/debris
  • Filament structure creates a capillary effect for improved dirt retention/ absorbency
  • Luxuriously soft pile that looks smart and will not lint
  • High quality anti-slip PVC backing helps keep the mat in place
  • Environmentally-friendly –does not require chemical pre-treatment or washing detergents; machine washable at 40°C
Dimensions 60cm W x 90cm L
Sold as 1 each
Weight 2.5 kg
Composition Polypropylene & Nylon yarn;
PVC backing


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