Protect People & Property from Snow Damage

Winter’s snow and ice can wreak havoc on pavements, car parks and other areas surrounding your facility. When snow begins, facility damage is revealed, and spring maintenance begins.

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Tips for a Safer Workplace: Avoid Safety Hazards with Proper Management of Used Wipes and RagsWinter’s snow and ice can wreak havoc on pavements, car parks and other areas surrounding your facility. When snow begins, facility damage is revealed, and spring maintenance begins. The following article provides some suggestions for handling those hidden hazards and improving the safety of your workplace.


Protect Car Parks and Pavements

Salt, ice melt, and aggregate can help prevent slips and falls on icy pavements. Sweeping footpaths and car parks can then help minimise damage caused by ice melt and anti-slip agents. Collecting and properly disposing of excess product helps minimise damage to walking surfaces and helps preserve streams and other bodies of water. Our selection of Winter Safety products will mitigate the risks involved with snow.

Teams performing this duty can note cracks, potholes or uneven walking surfaces that may have been caused by inclement weather. Unexpected variations in a walking surface are a common cause of tripping injuries.

Prevent this with our variety of Patching Products that can help fill anything from a hairline crack to a burst pipe. Consider time restraints when choosing a patching product. For instance, if a product has a three-day cure time, determine whether this is practical for the area being repaired.


Ensure Entrances are Safe

Person walking in entrance, stepping onto Grippy Mat with snow on the ground and boots

At the best of times entrance-ways can allow dirt, dry leaves and other slippery nuisance in, the dangers associated with this are heightened during periods of rainy and snowy weather.

A common solution to this issue is Entrance Mats, however they can quickly become overwhelmed with liquids and become saturated if they are not cleaned regularly. If you can see footprints after someone steps off a mat, or you see a puddle surrounding the entrance mat, it’s saturated and is not helping you maintain a safe entrance.

Pig Grippy Adhesive-Backed Floor Mat is a reliable, tested and proven alternative to entrance mats. New Pig’s exclusive stick-and-release technology eliminates many of the hazards associated with traditional entrance mats and stays put for up to 6 months. Because it sticks to the floor and can be cut to any size or shape, it is also more versatile. It can also be vacuumed, mopped or even deep clean with a floor scrubber to remove dirt and water, and it dries much more quickly than traditional entrance mats.


Protect Your Building from Snow Damage

Snow on roof with icicles hanging down

Severe winter weather can cause property damage, most commonly roof issues, or collapse due to heavy snow fall. The results of harsh weather conditions don’t stop there, they are likely to cause leaks within the building, impair inventory and pose a risk to employees and customers. It is worthwhile ensuring you carry out thorough evaluation of roofs regularly to identify any issues before they escalate.

In these emergency situations New Pig’s Leak Diverters will ensure any melted snow won’t damage inventory and cause hazard to staff and customers. New Pig have a range of leak diverters specifically designed for a variety of uses: roof, office and pipe.

Two common issues associated with falling temperatures and heavy snow are burst pipes and ice dams. Water freezing within pipes can lead to cracks or combustion. Ice Dams prevent water flowing properly through gutters, and instead allow it to seep into cracks in the building. Both burst pipes and ice dams can be a prevalent issue and result in damaged property.

Our new range of Water Absorbents are super absorbent and ideal for absorbing large volumes of water that enter the building during wet and wintery weather conditions; helping clean up water ingress to prevent slips, trips and falls.


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