6 Reasons to Stop Using Clay Today

Still using dirty, unhealthy, hard-to-handle clay for spill cleanup? Products such as PIG Absorbent Mats and Loose Absorbents prove to be much cleaner

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6 Reasons to Stop Using Clay TodayStill using dirty, unhealthy, hard-to-handle clay for spill cleanup? Products such as PIG Absorbent Mats and Loose Absorbents prove to be much cleaner, safer and more effective alternatives to clay granules for leak and spill cleanup in the workplace.

Clay granules are often seen as a cheaper way of dealing with leak and spill cleanup; however, they prove to be impractical as they are messier, dustier and heavier than other spill absorbent products available in the market. PIG Absorbent Mats, PIG Absorbent Socks and PIG Loose Absorbents are more effective alternatives for absorbing, handling, and cleaning up dangerous leaks and spills, and they help save time and money on labour and material costs. Here are 6 reasons you should stop using clay today and switch to absorbent pads and socks:

1. No absorption capacity

Clay granules don’t really absorb anything; they just become coated with liquid that eventually seeps through to your floor, making even more of a mess of cleaning up an oil spill. You end up having to use more clay and spend more time and money on spill cleanup than you really need.

Although clay is seen as the cheaper alternative, you actually save money by using alternatives such as PIG Loose Absorbents, PIG Absorbent Mats and PIG Absorbent Socks. Loose absorbents can absorb up to 3 times more than clay, meaning you use less and spend less time and money on cleanup. PIG Absorbent Mats soak up to ten times their own weight – just five super-absorbent mat pads will do the work of 6.6kg of clay, meaning your material costs will drop dramatically and cleanup is easier.

2. Difficult to handle

The average bag of clay weighs between 18-22kg, making it very heavy and hard to handle. Leak and spill cleanup should be as easy and quick as possible but when you use clay more time is spent on cleanup because it is heavier and takes longer to transport to the spill. Sometimes the bag does not support the weight of the clay and can rip causing even more of a mess. Loose absorbents can weigh almost one-third less per bag than clay, so it is easier to transport, carry and clean up a spill.

As an alternative to loose absorbents, boxes of PIG Absorbent Mats and PIG Absorbent Socks come in handy dispenser boxes so that you can easily take what you need without lifting the whole box. You will also save on disposal costs as you will only use the amount of PIG Mats and PIG Socks that you need.

3. Clay is abrasive

Clay granules are made of gritty particles which can damage sensitive machine parts and mark floors. You may end up spending more money replacing machines as the gritty particles can end up circulating inside machines and equipment causing premature wear and tear. Using products such as PIG Mats, which don’t release gritty particles, will ensure that this doesn’t happen. Industrial absorbents will not damage machinery and will tackle leak and spill cleanup.

4. Creates a mess & difficult to clean up

Leak and spill cleanup should be easy to accomplish. However, with clay you end up with even more of a mess. Labour costs are increased because you use more material to absorb the spill as clay has no absorption capacity, and you spend more time cleaning it up. Alternatively, loose absorbents absorb the moment they touch the liquid so you use only what you need and the time spent cleaning up is minimal.

Also, clay sticks to your shoes, which means it can get tracked all over your site or office if the spill area isn’t properly blocked off. PIG Mats and PIG Socks can effectively seal off a spill area to contain spills, and the absorbent is neatly contained so it won’t spread.

5. Known health hazard

Clay generates harmful silica dust, which fills the air of your facility and can cause chronic lung damage. This can decrease productivity levels as workers are not feeling 100%, plus, it can cost you more in the long run with lingering worker health issues.

Some loose alternatives on the market create very little dust and contain no silica. PIG Absorbent Mats do not generate any toxic dust making them much safer for your employees to use for spill cleanup.

6. Disposal is expensive and time consuming

As clay is very messy it leads to long labour hours of sweeping and shovelling. Clay cannot be incinerated which makes disposal more difficult. Some loose absorbents on the market incinerate to less than 5% ash content: clay doesn’t incinerate and leaves more than 90% ash. Messy clay has to be swept up and shovelled into containers whilst PIG Absorbent Mats just need to be picked up and disposed of when fully saturated. Easy and effective spill cleanup.

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