Preventing Costly Accidents & Environmental Damage with the Right Spill Equipment

If you work with oils or chemicals on a daily basis, it is inevitable that spills will happen. It is important to act fast to stop oil or chemical spi

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Preventing Costly Accidents & Environmental Damage with the Right Spill EquipmentIf you work with oils or chemicals on a daily basis, it is inevitable that spills will happen. It is important to act fast to stop oil or chemical spills from spreading before they have the potential to reach drains or bodies of water and cause environmental damage. If left unattended, chemical spills could also damage stock and pose a potential slip-and-fall hazard to employees. Creating a physical barrier around spilled liquid helps limit the overall affected area and reduces the amount of time spent on spill cleanup and restoration, restocking and worker injuries.

There are many products on the market that are designed to facilitate quick and effective confinement of oil and chemical spills. Absorbent socks and booms are ideal for surrounding dangerous oil and chemical spills while absorbing the liquid at the same time. Socks and booms are included in oil spill kits and chemical spill kits which also contain everything else you need to confine, absorb and clean up oil and chemical spills in your facility. Non-absorbent products such as non-absorbent dikes and barriers are also available on the market and are ideal for confining potentially dangerous oil and chemical spills. These used in conjunction with oil and chemical absorbents provide a great solution for effective oil and chemical confinement and spill cleanup. Here’s how these products can help you confine oil and chemical spills to prevent costly accidents and environmental damage:

Chemical- and oil-absorbent socks & booms

Oil and chemical absorbent socks and booms are designed to surround and confine oil and chemical spills before they have the chance to spread and cause irreversible damage. You may need to use more than one chemical or oil absorbent sock or boom to create an effective barrier and minimise the spill area. Always overlap socks by several inches to create a stronger barrier effect. On water, oil absorbent socks and booms should be placed in the water so that they make contact with the spilled liquid and should be linked with ropes and/or clips which are usually attached to reach across spill areas or surround a large spill. These techniques will make sure that no liquid escapes and damage to stock or the environment will be avoided. You can then use oil absorbent mats and pillows to clean up the remaining spill once it has been contained.

Oil and chemical spill kits

Oil and chemical spill kits offer a complete solution to oil and chemical spill containment and cleanup as they contain absorbent socks, pads and pillows as well as other spill response equipment and supplies. Oil-Only absorbents contained in oil spill kits will absorb and retain oils and oil-based liquids without absorbing any water. Chemical spill kits feature chemical-resistant absorbents that will contain and absorb spills of acids or caustics and unknown liquids. Absorbent socks can be used to confine the spill and absorb the liquid whilst absorbent mats and pillows can be used to clean up any remaining liquid. Your oil or chemical spill kit should have enough absorbent socks, mats and pillows to confine and clean up any size of oil or chemical spill provided you have chosen your oil or chemical spill kit based on your worst case spill scenario.

Non-absorbent dikes

Non-absorbent dikes are designed to contain oil and chemical spills on land without absorbing them making spill cleanup and liquid reclamation easier. You can create a strong, effective barrier which will prevent oil and chemical spills from seeping underneath and keep aisles dry for a safe and clean working environment. Non-absorbent dikes form tight seals and adhere to different types of surfaces to completely contain oil and chemical spills, absorbent mats, socks and pillows can then be used for fast, effective spill cleanup. As well as containing oil and chemical spills non-absorbent dikes can also be used to divert liquids away from drains and other environmentally-sensitive areas so that any damage is prevented and spills can be diverted into safe collection

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