The Burpless Approach to a Cleaner, Safer Waste Collection Area

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The Burpless Approach to a Cleaner, Safer Waste Collection AreaThe simple act of transferring liquids seems to encourage drips and spills. In waste collection areas, this results all too often in slippery floors and messy drum tops.

A common problem

Nearly every facility has at least one waste collection area, and it’s not uncommon to find small, dirty plastic funnels lying around or sitting in open drum bungs. These funnels are often too small for the amount of liquid being poured through them, and it’s hard for workers to keep them steady while pouring liquids into the funnel.

An ingenious solution

Our patented Burpless Drum Funnels are designed to meet these very needs. The funnels simply screw into the 2” BSP bung opening and are ready for service.

With these Funnels in place, access to a container is much easier. Instead of loosening a bolt ring or unscrewing a bung cap each time waste is being collected, workers simply flip a few latches and are ready to pour. Internal vents help the funnel “breathe” while liquids are being poured in, making fluid transfer faster and cleaner.

The wide mouth of the funnel also allows workers to pour waste easily into the container, minimising splashes and messes. And, because the funnel is screwed into the bung opening, the funnel itself is stabilised and won’t shift as liquids are poured.

Improving safety and compliance

Because flammable solvents are one commonly collected waste stream, our Burpless Drum Funnels have been Factory Mutual (FM) tested and approved, when used with a flame arrestor, to help further safety efforts when transferring flammable liquids.

The lid of each funnel is also designed to help keep vapours in check. When the lid of the funnel is closed, the continuous seal helps prevent vapour emissions, helping improve indoor air quality in collection areas.

If the drum is knocked over, the closed funnel is designed to stay closed and in place, keeping all collected liquids safely in the drum to help avoid messy cleanup and potential fines if the spilled liquid were to enter the environment.

Good housekeeping

Even when waste streams don’t present environmental hazards, funnels are an excellent choice for keeping collection areas cleaner. Optional screens provide a flat draining surface that allows small containers, parts or filters to be drained directly into the drum; avoiding the need for these items to be drained in one area and then having to transfer the drained liquids into a collection container.

With the many different options of funnels available, there’s no need to settle for messy, smelly, slippery waste collection stations. Burpless Drum Funnels are a smart choice for cleaner, safer waste collection.

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